A short introduction to the book

The Jolly Roger & Crucifixion

Interview with


Interview for The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal with Jamie Hunter of

Kytemedia is involved with a secret project to locate Templar treasure. They interviewed author Gretchen Cornwall in order to better understand the environment on the night of the famous arrests of the Templars 13th October 1307 –

The treasures in the Paris Temple disappeared overnight before King Phillip was able to confiscate them. But where did they go? The 700 year old question no one has been able to answer – but there are clues!

Part one of three with a documentary to follow in the near future –


Temple Church in Scotland

Music by World Tree Music – Singer Gretchen Cornwall

The title of the book and its course changed when this video was done.  I enjoyed walking through the ruins of Temple Church and taking photos.  It has a very calming yet energizing atmosphere.


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