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I have several projects simmering away at once but am most proud and happy to announce a documentary series for Youtube which is in pre-production.  Episodes I, II and III are already planned.

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For those of you who have read The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, you’ll be aware of the in-depth material on the Templars, which came out of a series of interviews with a hereditary knight.  I spent many years tracking down a real Knight Templar whose family stretches back hundreds of years.  He has finally agreed to ‘go public’ and share his knowledge directly, with you….

John Temple, the Comte de Mattinata de Medici, will be my colleague in front of the camera, rather than secretly anonymous!  This is a very exciting development as far as I’m concerned.

John Temple

John Temple

On location –


Secret Britain will explore Templar locations and investigate mysteries.  How did the Templars communicate with each other over vast miles?  We hope to prove that they indeed had what would be considered a medieval ‘computer & server’ structure that was faster than a horse and faster than Royal Mail today.  Intrigued?  Stay with us….


John Temple and I are pleased to be working with professional cameraman and veteran Royal Marine, Stephen Hignett.  Steve has an extensive freelance background, often working with Thompson Reuters.  He has covered royal weddings, births and three Olympics.  He’s also seen the darker side of human nature during two terror attacks in London.  Steve has joined our team out of love for the history of the United Kingdon.  As Steve is used to adventure, he’s the perfect man to have behind the camera.

Steve Hignett

Steve Hignett


What better announcement to make on the eve of October 13th than a Knight Templar going public?

John Temple & Gretchen Cornwall

John Temple & Gretchen Cornwall of Secret Britain. Exploring and investigating Templar mysteries and locations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our news, we promise to keep you up to date in the busy months ahead.



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Caduceus Journal Review

I am very happy to share, that the review of my book, in Caduceus Journal, is now available in the UK or in digital format.

I was given permission to post a few sentences from the article written
by author Claire Nahmad.
“Cornwall’s range of research is breath-taking and her book is the fruition of a lifetime’s dedication.”
“…the scope is impressive and extensive.”
“Throughout the rich fabric of this history Cornwall weaves a distinct thread.”

I was so touched by the amount of space given to the book by the editor of the journal, Simon Best, as the focus of the current issue is the valiant battle against cancer, including treatments that I had not heard of prior…

I felt privileged by Ms. Nahmad’s lengthy article, as she focused on every aspect covered in The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal.


My friend, author Dave Patrick, has written an intriguing article on ciphers in Shakespearean plays. There is also an article examining the evidence of Jesus in England, also of interest to myself…



I hope you’ll buy a copy of the journal, as the amount of information on protecting our health, from cover to cover, is astounding. One in three are touched by cancer which makes this issue of Caduceus, precious.

Yule and Christmas arrived early for this writer & researcher! Thank you Simon, Claire and Dave! I’m so pleased that our paths have crossed…

I am also grateful for all the new friends I’ve made this year and those that have been with me from the beginning.

Book Cover Secret Dossier

The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal

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Caduceus Review, End of October 2017

I promised a bit of good news today, on the infamous day of Friday the 13th – the origins of which are related to the arrests of The Knights Templar Grand Master at the Paris Temple in 1307 –




Jaques de Molay’s courage in the face of an impossible situation has secured both his legend and that of his order into our modern world – along with their descendants.




Through nine years of hard work and research, I’ve outlined the survival of the Knights Templar Order in my book, along with the secrets of navigation to the New World and a discovery in chapter 31 titled The Stars of the Magdalene.




The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal will be reviewed in Caduceus Journal at the end of October, in their 97th issue. The Journal was first published in 1987 and has a large readership base which includes 120 outlets. I’ve been told that the print run is being increased by 1000 copies over their usual run of 2000, as a special section will be included on non-toxic cancer treatments. With cancer rates so high, 1 in 3, this should be a riveting issue.
I’m grateful to author-editor, Dave Patrick, for kindly introducing The Secret Dossier – to Simon Best, Editor of Caduceus Journal. Dave Patrick also has an article in the journal: “Questioning the debunkers – Re-examining the Friedmans’ debunking of hidden cyphers in Shakespeare’s plays” Sounds very interesting!
I appreciate the reviewers time and look forward to reading her thoughts on the work – I’ll share more soon!
The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Book Depository, online, or by special order at your local bookstore –


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Signed copies available through my own website on the ‘Buy’ page, for UK readers only, unless prior arrangements are made for international delivery as it is expensive.
Bookplates are available for purchase on my site, however. Created for the book and signed by myself. A much less expensive option!


The Dumas Code-X

Quite simply, I am a Templar Knight contactee – this blog, however is not about how that door opened for me…  but it is about the complex individual who has provided a great deal of information for my first book, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal.

“During the course of almost nine years of writing this book and research, I would occasionally be given leads as to the identity of my contact.  The leads bore amazing fruit and when pressed for further information I was given an explanation straight out of a novel.  Alexander Dumas to be exact.”  1.

It was not until nearing the end of the writing process, with just a few months to go, that my contact dropped a rather large bombshell.

His ancestor was the identical twin of the King of France, memorialised in the famous work of fiction by Alexandre Dumas, which in fact, is fact!

In a recent communication from the Comte de Mattinata de Medici – I was given proof of the identity of the Man in the Leather Mask….  Yes, leather, not iron.

leather copy_edited-1

The Comte takes his title from the small town of Mattinata Italy where the twin of Louis the XIII was exiled and compelled to wear a leather mask to hide his identity.

When his sister, Henrietta Maria of France, married Charles I of England, the man in the leather mask was moved to Cumbria where his descendants thrive today.  The name Mattinata became anglicised to Mattinson. (See Chapter One The Royal Priests of Cumbria, of The Secret Dossier for more information)

In a one line email from the Comte on the 14th of May 2017, I was asked to search for ‘coordinates 64389 in France’.

A bit puzzled and curious, I simply googled ‘64389 France’ and hoped for the best…

Thinking to myself, how odd, this does not look like latitude/longitude at all – voilà – it was the code for a commune or county!  I did not know this myself, but the French number their counties and name them.

There were more revelations to come, as the geographical locations tied in utterly with the Dumas story.

The gateway is located at Monassut-Audiracq, France, Code Commune 64389.  It is the location of two secular abbeys.

Secular abbey’s were not tied to a particular religious order, but owned by a nobleman who was legally able to will it to his descendants.  In other words the abbot was priest and secular lord.  The unusual situation enabled the priest to marry and have children.  There were several abbeys of this nature across the Pyrénées region.

But these particular abbeys are the initial gateway of understanding.  They are once removed from ‘X’ marks the spot.  Like all treasure hunts, we must look deeper.

Indeed it is the region we are interested in as the story plays out across the landscape and involves more than one person.

Our first eye opener is that of Henri d’Aramitz, Lord and Abbot (1620 – 1655 or 1674) was better known to us as Aramis, one of the Three Musketeers!  In true Templar fashion, post 1314, he married and was a priest.  He was born in Béarn.


The portal is all that remains of the medieval secular abbey of Aramits, or Aramis, in Béarn. As an interesting aside, the region spoke a dialect of the Occitan language so important to the understanding of the Cathar peoples and gnostic beliefs.

The two secular abbey’s of Monassut & Audiracq were vassal’s to the viscount’s of Béarn.  Through crafty marriages and warcraft, the viscount’s became Kings of Navarre.  Their most famous son was born at the regions capitol, Pau Castle in 1553.

Pau Castle to 64389

Drive from Commune Co-ordinates 64389 to Castle Pau, birthplace of Henry IV.

King Henry IV of France was assassinated on the 14th May 1610.  His wife was the highly intelligent and strong willed Marie de’ Medici.  It was she that decided the fate of her twin son in order to prevent war breaking out over the two children.  France had only just come out of the Wars of Religion and was hardly stable, with enemies around all corners.  Twins would have been a temptation for feuding French lords.

Dumas Code-X

The two abbeys of the Dumas Codex represent two princes-

We’re assuming it was the younger of the two princes, Henri, named after his father, who was stripped of his titles and rather than murder the child, became ‘Prisoner Number 64389’.

Oddly his brother, King Louis XIII, began his reign on the same day he would end it, 14th of May 1610 to 14th of May 1643.  Note that the year he died includes part of the Dumas Code-X or ‘prisoner number 64389’

Prince Henri and his secret sons would live out their lives in anonymity in Cumbria, passing down the knowledge of the real father, King Henry IV, through a simple co-ordinate later to be used by Dumas as the number of a prisoner meant to be forgotten.

Dumas placed his story at the feet of Louis the XIV however, the famous Sun King in order to divert attention and create another layer of protection from the truth.


Images of Louis the XIV as Apollo the Sun God

He gave us Cardinal Richelieu (1585 – 1642) as the nemesis to the Musketeers.  But, Richelieu was Cardinal during the reign of Louis XIII!  The prior generation.  Why did Dumas move this historical person forward in time?  He is a red herring, letting us know that there is something wrong with this picture.  Richelieu represents the church – which tried to cut down the historical Templars – and are represented by the Musketeers in actual fact.

There seems to be a hint at the ongoing tense relations between the Templars and factions within the church over the centuries who wish the Templars would simply go away…

I asked the Comte how he was told of his ancestor’s past.  He relayed a story from his youth.

He was teased by his father and grandfather for being a bit of a reprobate as a young man and was told he would be known as ‘prisoner 64389’ if he weren’t careful!  Years later, having read the journal of his ancestor, Francis Mattinson, the import of this coded teasing sunk in.

Secreted away for many decades, in the journal of Francis Mattinson, rested the key to unlock the Dumas Code-X.  Prisoner number 64389.

He had met Alexander Dumas and gave him the dangerous story to publish as a work of fiction.


Coat of Arms of Aramits

  1. Gretchen Cornwall, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, Pg. 1

The Caynton Caves Are Templar! Revealed!

knight cropped

Tucked away in a Shropshire field outside of Shifnal, is a rabbit hole large enough for a robust, prayerful, Templar Knight to squeeze through –

Photographer Michael Scott stormed the internet in early March, 2017, with his candlelit exposé of the Caynton Caves.

Thirty three year old Scott was quoted as saying, ‘I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it.’ He also added, ‘It’s probably less than a metre underground, so it’s more into the field than under it.  Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple.’ 1.

The portal is just beneath a small wooded area near Caynton Hall of Caynton Shropshire and like all local monuments, went unnoticed by those living nearby.

Astonishing since the Templar’s have been growing in modern fame since the Da Vinci Code burst on the scene in 2006.  One would have to be living under a rock to be ignorant of the Templars!  So, why now and who were the Templars?

The international chivalrous order had been charged with every ludicrous crime invented by King Philip of France in 1307, having cruelly executed their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay by fire in 1314.

Kneel Templar

The Templars literally went underground to protect their reverence of God from prying eyes and just maybe, an Ark or two.  Ever watchful of potential threats, the Order carved out the Caynton Cave, amongst others, prior to the attack by the French crown and its wayward Pope.

The entrance of Caynton Temple is via hands and knees!  Scott told one newspaper that head height is about six feet or less in places, so mind your head.

Caynton Entrance
Caters/ Michael Scott

tripple archway

Caters/ Michael Scott

Scott beautifully exploited multiple carved and ruined niches within the structure, giving us an atmospheric glimpse of how the Templars would have seen the underground church.  It has changed little since.  The photo above is of three archways within a chamber that appears to be domed.  A cross can be seen on the right hand side.

Many Templar structures involved a dome circular church in mimicry of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem where they excavated beneath the structure for nine years.

It is my theory that they found what they were looking for too; lost treasures from the time of Moses and also their ancestor, King Jesus.

My first book; The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, documents this history and would be helpful background reading if you are new to the Templars or are interested in the research I’ve uncovered/been given, in the last ten years.

Stepped curved path

Caters/ Michael Scott

This photo looks back to the entrance with curved steps going down into separate chambers for the baptismal and main altar.  The steps are a processional way of devotion leading past columns and arches.  The circular nature of the sanctuary brings to mind the round churches of Bornholm, also built by Templars.


As soon as I saw Scott’s photos of the Templar cave, I immediately searched for more information as I was flummoxed that this had been so overlooked down the centuries.  I found very little that was of help at all.

The newly edited Wiki page for the Caynton Cave disputes the Templar connection and points to a theory that it was a folly of the 19th century Legge family.

I would counter and state that the Templars have a history of worshiping in caves, such as at Ye Olde Trip in Nottingham and Royston Cave, just to start.

Most garden follies of the 18th to 20th centuries were about showing off ones wealth to friends and preferably viewable on the estate.  It was about entertaining guests, not making them scrabble about in the dirt.

The entryway of this underground Temple is hidden on purpose and requires a stooped crawl, is well away from the main house and in the middle of a field, hardly the place to drag a well-dressed party goer from London.

Rock carving is notorious to date.  Absence of modern tools is usually an indicator, but one must also keep architectural style in mind.  This underground church is familiar territory with arches, columns and a baptismal that any devout Templar would recognize.

Absence of mention in medieval records does not dismiss the Templars as its creator.  That presupposes there would be a record of the secret church.

Royston Cave in Hertfordshire was not in any archive as a Templar holding until it was discovered and its carvings identified it as such.  Some academics still dismiss it as a Templar site though all the evidence points to the Templars as its origin.

Proximity plays a vital role as evidence for Caynton as a Templar church.  Just eleven miles to the west are the ruins of Buildwas Abbey which of course was Cistercian.  Templars are Cistercians with swords.  Further west by another 13 miles is that of St. James of Cardington, a known Templar holding.

The Templars were gifted lands across the area by William FitzAlan and Herbert de Castello.  Estates in Shropshire include the above mentioned and also Lydley, Cardington, Enchmarsh and Chatwall as well as Botville.  Further properties included Shrewsbury, Cound, Kinlet and finally Bridgnorth. 2.

iconThe Caynton cave has all the earmarks of a church, long disused until possibly the last two centuries as a neo druidic site.  It was shut by the owners in 2012 due to vandals; however it has suffered damage through time as well.  The aged appearance of the stone is a clear indication of centuries of wear and tear with dulled edges having lost its original chiselled features.

If this church were a folly, there would be inconsistent behaviour of iconography.  Triple arches are used at every opportunity.  It is a religious site, not a folly trying to acquire a sense of the mystical with poor use of odd symbols. 3.

columns dotted arch

Caters/ Michael Scott

The knights went to a great deal of trouble to carve out arches within arches, giving a perspective of moving forward to spiritual culmination. A wonderful artistic touch meant to give space and depth considering how small it is.

dotted arch 2

Caters/ Michael Scott

The five arches in the photo above could be an allusion to the number of man, often depicted as a pentagram and the arches are best described by the following Biblical quote:

John 14:6 New King James Version (NKJV)

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Note the triple arches just behind the columns in the photo below.  Three is a continual reminder:arches

Caters/ Michael Scott

castelated tripple arch

Caters/ Michael Scott

Another triple archway with castellated/block carvings in the foreground above.  Clearly a medieval design motif.  The equilateral cross beyond the arches is apparent and Templar as its splayed extremity shows.  The vertical shaft is in good order but the horizontal cross bar appears damaged in the photo, but this is difficult to verify.

8843b498a11e6454155306f317b09a20The famous Cross Pattée of the Knights Templar

The below image is striking in the two different treatments of the niches. The wall niche on the centre left has the typical curve of the Gothic style which is at odds with the stronger, overt, even heavy handed baptismal font with its pointed arch, a clear triangle.   The triangle over the font is the centre piece of the small chamber.

baptismal 1

Caters/ Michael Scott

baptismal 2

Caters/ Michael Scott

It is the only arch in the structure that is this extreme in style; all the other arches are gently curved or Gothic in nature.  The baptismal font is sending a message, but what is it trying to convey?

We could be looking at a representation of the Star of David; the upward arch, symbolic of both a blade and obelisk, rising above an inverted triangle of the feminine force of water; in other words, the Chalice and the Blade.


The Star of David has long been an occult representation of opposite forces joined as one.

The triangular arch above is also in triplicate, keeping pace with the overall imagery in the cave.


The triangle is a symbol that the Freemasons inherited from the Templars, containing the letter ‘G’ which stands for the Great Architect.  Often the Triangle is depicted with the All Seeing Eye of God, ever present, supportive, wise and of course the added element of accountability.



I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the triangles within the architecture of the baptismal, illustrating its pyramidal nature.

baptismal obelisk


The Templars had been in the Holy Land and adopted the obelisk.  They were well versed in its use in Ethiopia having spent time amongst their priests who are said to guard an Ark to this day.  Ethiopia is the oldest Christian nation in the world with ties to Egypt and Solomon.

imgresSaint Jacques de Molay

When the photos were released, first weekend in March, I could not help but ponder, ‘why now’ after 710 years of silence?  The Impetus to keep the Templar Order in the news is strong, with Easter Egg, informational gifts, sure to leave us hunting for years.

The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, my first book, came into being due in part to my having been contacted by a modern day descendant.  He contacted me again, immediately, as the photos of the Caynton Temple were released, with assurances that it is Templar.


Garway and surrounding Templar sites verify the Caynton Caves as Templar-

I was told that Saint Jacques de Molay had visited Garway, Herefordshire (southwest of Caynton) and surrounding preceptories 723 years ago in 1294.  Synchronistically, the release of the Caynton photos corresponds with the anniversary of his murder in Paris on 18th March 1314, twenty years later.  Garway is a sacred place for modern Templars where de Molay has been remembered through the centuries.

The Templars built a round tower church at Garway, dedicated to St. Michael.  Carvings include a Templar sword, snake, fish and green man.  It is an unusual layout as there is defensive tower which is offset and originally separated from the main building.  Typically churches are cruciform in nature or at least rectangular with a bell tower.Floor plan of Garway

Not having been to Caynton Cave Temple, I watched the video by Michael Scott several times for clues as to the layout.  Circular of course but I wondered if there was any sympathy between the odd layout of Garway church and the cave?

Video link of the Temple for your exploration:

Photo by Philip Halling
Garway_Church_-_Green_ManGarway Greenman pic by Kxjan


Photo of Dovecote by Pauline Eccles

Doves were used to communicate over long distances by the Templars.  The Dovecote at Garway is practically industrial in scale and would have been expensive to run; only wealth sustained dovecotes.3.  My Templar contact had this to say about Garway’s importance:

“We did not only introduce banking, we also had the best Internet email, since 1294, and Jacques was there to unveil the super server, which was the dovecote in Garway, which by the way accommodates 666 doves at one time….”

He went on to explain that Garway was the ‘server’ where doves would be collected, taken to another location such as Temple Balsall, then released with a report back to Garway.

Doves were also released by Garway if they were expecting a patrol.  The patrol or newcomers would then countersign the carried message by the dove as a means of proving identity.  Usually the return coded message would be runic in style, having evolved from the ‘Vikings’ to Cistercian augmented codes.  Of course the Templars are the cousins of the Cistercians and by proxy of their regional birth would have inherited the use of runes.

The Templars repeatedly visited and had colonies in North America.  Having taken doves from Garway to Newport Wales where their ships were boarded, they sailed on to Newport Tower in Rhode Island.  Hopefully the sturdy doves would make it back to Garway so that their brothers at home knew they had landed successfully.

As Above So Below

The Caynton Temple would have been on the tour of preceptories by Jacques de Molay.  Albeit secretly.

As surely as geometry (being held as a secret, sacred art and science) was used in the architecture of the Templar’s so too were the placements of the sanctuaries on a map.


In the Epilogue of my book, The Secret Dossier – I was given a map in the form of an obelisk which revealed the connected Templar sites in the UK and those reaching across to Nova Scotia.  Structures such as the Newport Tower and the ruined Ross Castle attest to their colonies and the authenticity of the obelisk map.

I was then asked to overlay The Rosslyn Matrix (as coined by author Ashley Cowie) onto the obelisk map proving that both were mathematically correct and used as navigation tools, joining the old world with the new.

Briefly, the Rosslyn Matrix is a large graffiti mark done in the 15th century on a back wall of Rosslyn Chapel.  It looks like an odd modern energy pylon but author Ashely Cowie has determined it is a map of Scotland.  However it is also a navigation tool, marking out the Templar preceptories in Nova Scotia and Rhode Island.

I’ve included the maps below but for further information, I suggest reading my book as it is too complex for an article.

Rosslyn Matrix

Adapted from Ashley Cowie’s illustration of the Rosslyn Matrix

H.T. Obelisk Caynton TriangleThe above is the Atlantic Obelisk provided by my Templar contact without the Rosslyn Matrix overlay

GE & Rosslyn MatrixThe Rosslyn Matrix and Obelisk stretching across the Atlantic.  The four lozenges of the cup mark out significant New World locations.  Note its base on the Prime Meridian and also the ‘kite’ formation which includes Bornholm Island.

Rosslyn Matrix Chalice GE

The Rosslyn Matrix shown in conjunction over the recently released Templar Atlantic Obelisk.

Erasmus Obelisk Spire

The New World sites shown without the Rosslyn Matrix overlay. The book, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal can assist in further information with the above map.

Caynton Temple Triangle

In answer to the opposition that Caynton is a recent folly; my Templar Knight contact provided the above map on behalf of the Order.  All the locations on the map are Templar, forming a triangle or ‘kite’ within the greater obelisk.

Caynton Triangle

It is a mathematical equation based on Templar locations incorporating the following:

Wellington Castle (52°52’23.26″N by 3° 0’9.72″W)

Temple Balsall     (52°22’53.66″N by 1°41’50.38″W)

Garway               (51°53’53.53″N by  2°47’35.85″W)

Newport Wales to Newport Tower (Mathematical Templar)

Rosslyn & Caynton

The Caynton Cave Triangle with Rosslyn Chapel in the north

The Caynton Temple, Garway and surrounding Templar sites fit perfectly with the prior release of the Templars geometric plan of preceptories across Britain and the New World.

Oddly, the Caynton Temple baptismal arch and the above triangle map are a perfect overlay for one another.  The angle is identical:

baptismal 3_edited-1

One of the niches at Caynton Temple looks hauntingly like a man with a cloak draped over his shoulders.  He is frowning which is often a medieval religious expression, portraying devout solemnity.  The figure is clean shaven and appears to have been damaged in time or carved rather crudely.  The Templars shaved their beards post 1314 in order to blend in with the population and hide their true identity.

de molay

Caters/ Michael Scott

I’ve had further communications from my Templar contact, the Comte de Mattinata de Medici:

“The obelisk originated from Rosslyn castle.  The maths involved are visible for all to see and decipher in the fabric of the building of the chapel, it has been decoded.”

The Comte continued his message with, “Prior to the building of the chapel in the mid 1400’s by William Sinclair – his great grandfather, Henry St Claire, used the obelisk-map to partake in a journey to the new world in the 1300’s.

He followed all the lines through the temple sites, and if you notice the precise lines within the obelisk that run from Rosslyn, cutting through Caldbeck Cumbria, down to Newport Wales, then straight across the Atlantic to Rhodes Island, also naming the new land Newport, Sinclair built the Newport Tower, proving to the world that not only was he precolumbian, but also the same journey had been taken by earlier Templars.

This obelisk changes history, and was released on St Jacques Day, 18th March to commemorate his memory.  There is also a copy of the obelisk that was sneaked out of the Vatican by Pope Leo X, and given to the Medici,  after all he was family!”


The synchronistic release of the photos, done early in March gave the images time to widely circulate in honour of St. Jacques de Molay’s murder on the 18th and with hope, just before Easter, that there may be further eggs of knowledge and hard evidence yet to come!  In the meantime it is up to us to go on the hunt using the clues given.  The Templar Knight Order thrives today despite its naysayers and has outlived kingdoms.

The Grand Master de Molay is avenged!


The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal is available at Barnes & Nobles online or Amazon.  Paperback or Hardback – Kindle available too!

Please use the following ISBN for your search -ISBN Colour Paperback:  9781366944788

Amazon UK     Waterstones UK

Amazon USA   Barnes & Noble USA


  5. icon

Update:  Happily, the Shropshire Star has written an article on my research:

Shropshire Star



May the Force Be With You…


I am very saddened by the passing of Carrie Fisher.  At sixty she had much more to give and with that said her legacy will always shine.

Fisher has said often that she is not famous but Princess Leia is…  I had the privilege of seeing her comic stage show of her life in 2010 in San Francisco and she was amazing.  Full of humour and wisdom, her life of course had surpassed her character Leia, but not able to leave her behind due to the millions of Star Wars fans around the world.  I’m one of them.

When I was a young girl, the posters on my wall were of Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings fantasy art, rather than a band or pop icon.  I never idolized a particular actor or singer, hunting for news of them in tabloids or other such media, instead I followed the stories they portrayed.  I don’t wish to know the ins and outs of a public person’s private life; I appreciate the life they give to themes that are important to us as people.  Sci-fi and fantasy is infused with hope, audacity, magic and dreams.  After all, Star Trek gave us the flip phone!  I know there were a few of us knocking around, dreaming of ‘beaming up’ to a brave new world.  We can tell truths in fantasy that can’t otherwise be said.

I devoured the novel, Star Wars and actually typed out my own script at the age of twelve with grand intentions of launching a stage play.  If you have a moment I recommend reading the introduction to the book that ominously hints at the downfall of a great civilisation that slid voluntarily into that of a dictatorship; words of caution and wisdom by the master of sci-fi storytelling, George Lucas.


My young neighbourhood friend Rhonda suggested none too kindly that I’d be better off as C-3PO as I was a good deal taller, just for starters, whereas Rhonda had the brown eyes and was petite.  Whilst there was no way I’d pass myself off as a recognizable Leia, there was also no way I was going to put on a C-3PO suit!  The project ended, but not in my imagination…  I spent many hours listening to the music of John Williams and dreaming of galaxies filled with stars.  I wore out the LPs to the New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  While Leia’s theme was romantic, no one can argue that Darth Vader has the best entrance theme in history.

According to the novel, Princess Leia was an elected sixteen year old Senator and of course a freedom fighter.  Surly she was a true star child or what might be called an Indigo today with such abilities at a young age.  Physically fearless, quick witted and lovely, she was equally at home wearing a state gown, practical flight suit, giving orders and expecting them to be obeyed!  According to the book she was also a good pilot of her own accord.

Certainly Carrie Fisher’s portrayal of Princess Leia gave us a new kind of heroine; one that we as women wanted to emulate and were inspired by.  Fisher gave Leia fire and life.  At the release of the film in 1975 American women had only just three years prior won the right to own property without a male co-signer and won the right to their own credit card in 1974.  As Leia said, ‘it’s not over yet…’


Princess Leia was a new breed of heroine echoing her sisters on earth.  Rather than the object that had to be rescued, picked up and moved bodily, she participated at every level both as a leader and a team player.  She never picked up a lightsabre but I don’t have any doubt as Darth Vader’s daughter, it would have suited her and we all would have loved seeing the sparks fly!

Though George Lucas’s intention had been for a Japanese cast, the studios did not think that it would sell to American audiences.  It’s a bit of a shame as today I believe that prejudice has changed.  However I’m grateful for the actors that gave us the famous core group we know so well.  Lucas did manage to infuse the Samurai sword and Japanese costuming into the Jedi world which gave it an unmistakable priestly look and feel.


Lucas is the father of all modern sci-fi and fantasy films.  Having developed cutting edge technology that lifted Star Wars out of the sniffy average B-Movie slot into ‘out of this world’ and ‘like nothing we’d ever seen’ phenomenon!  Industrial Light and Magic is now the go to special effects company par excellence in the world and sci-fi is no longer to be sniffed at!

The flashing light sabres of the Jedi were startling, unique and harkened back to our collective conscious recognition of chivalry known in Japan as Bushido.  The duels brought a sense of the medieval knight to a technologically advanced civilisation.  One that felt both familiar and new, easily traversing the globe.  I enjoyed the sabre duels so much that I could have easily watched only those segments of the original three films.  I’m rather convinced that my love of a good sword fight harkens back to a past life.  So much so, that I took fencing lessons over the course of a summer in my late teens.  I even sent my resume to the casting director for Red Sonja, but I was too short and the role went to Brigitte Nielsen who is a good six feet tall.  As they say in England, ‘never mind, have a cup of tea dear’.

Lucas had the good fortune of being a student of Joseph Campbell, the great revealer of mythology for the modern world.  Campbell wrote the Power of Myth and how we might understand ourselves to greater levels by learning about the many faces of the archetypal hero within.  Lucas infused his stories with those of our deepest past where magic was part of daily life and we collectively embraced his world as a result.


It is easy to see the correlation between the Jedi Knights and the betrayal of the Templar Knight Order.  Though it may not have been the original intention of Lucas, the Jedi and the Templars are one in my mind.  Highly dedicated, highly trained and carrying the weight of high expectations.  Often termed as mystical magicians, the Templars hold Christ before them and the Jedi flow through the Force.


The Star Wars world is the result of one man’s dream and the many hands of a great and large team whose exceptional skills gave fans many hours of enjoyment, philosophy and great beauty through equal danger.  I have found myself often repeating Yoda’s mantra, ‘do or do not, there is no try.’  I’ve often hoped at times when hardest pressed I might be as ‘cool’ as Princess Leia, I’m still working on that one, but there is always hope!


Rest well Princess Carrie and thank you for bringing Princess Leia to life –

May the Force Be With You, Always…