Saint Jacques de Molay

The Controversial Chinon Parchment & Saint Jacques de Molay    1307 Arrested       1308 Exonerated 1314 Murdered 2001 Discovered 2007 Published 2017 Reignited The last ‘public’ Grand Master of the Knights Templar, during what I term as their ‘historic era’ was Jacques de Molay who perished in flames 14th March of 1314. The Templar’s went underground … More Saint Jacques de Molay

The Dumas Code-X

Quite simply, I am a Templar Knight contactee – this blog, however is not about how that door opened for me…  but it is about the complex individual who has provided a great deal of information for my first book, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal. “During the course of almost … More The Dumas Code-X