Introducing: Secret Britain…

Introducing:  Secret Britain – Secret World

Secret Britain Secret World
John Temple and Gretchen Cornwall, investigate the mysteries and forgotten history of the Knights Templar.


I have several projects simmering away at once but am most proud and happy to announce a documentary series for Youtube which is in pre-production.  Episodes I, II and III are already planned.

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For those of you who have read The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, you’ll be aware of the in-depth material on the Templars, which came out of a series of interviews with a hereditary knight.  I spent many years tracking down a real Knight Templar whose family stretches back hundreds of years.  He has finally agreed to ‘go public’ and share his knowledge directly, with you….

John Temple, the Comte de Mattinata de Medici, will be my colleague in front of the camera, rather than secretly anonymous!  This is a very exciting development as far as I’m concerned.

John Temple
John Temple

On location –


Secret Britain will explore Templar locations and investigate mysteries.  How did the Templars communicate with each other over vast miles?  We hope to prove that they indeed had what would be considered a medieval ‘computer & server’ structure that was faster than a horse and faster than Royal Mail today.  Intrigued?  Stay with us….

We will be examining controversial topics such as energy lines, or ley-lines.  The continuation of the order into our present day and topics that dance in the grey areas of history, elusive and ephemeral.

We will also be visiting privately owned locations (not necessarily Templar) which are not open to the public, but whose owners are happy to share their knowledge with us about the people who lived within their walls and how old or ancient structures were used and still thrive today.  The doors may be locked to the public, but we will, by invitation only, discover the secrets behind those doors and shine a light that would not normally be available, at least for a moment in time…  Stay with us…


John Temple and I are pleased to be working with professional cameraman and veteran Royal Marine, Stephen Hignett.  Steve has an extensive freelance background, often working with Thompson Reuters.  He has covered royal weddings, births and three Olympics.  He’s also seen the darker side of human nature during two terror attacks in London.  Steve has joined our team out of love for the history of the United Kingdon.  As Steve is used to adventure, he’s the perfect man to have behind the camera.

Steve Hignett
Steve Hignett


What better announcement to make on the eve of October 13th than a Knight Templar going public?

John Temple & Gretchen Cornwall
John Temple & Gretchen Cornwall of Secret Britain. Exploring and investigating Templar mysteries and locations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our news, we promise to keep you up to date in the busy months ahead.



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    1. Thank you Ian! Great to hear from you… There is so much happening for the next several months. It’s going to be fun!

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