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Hello Friends and Family,

According to the new European Union laws on Data Protection, I am required to ask if you would like to receive blog updates from The Secret Dossier?

I have never, nor will I sell your information to anyone or give it to another party.  You are free to unsubscribe or stay, knowing that your email and name are safe.

I’m sure your inbox, like mine, is filling up with notices from websites that you’ve signed up to in order to receive newsletters.  Starting from the 25th of May, 2018, anyone online in possession of your email needs to comply with the EU privacy laws.  As I am writing from the UK, that includes this blog.

If you’ve enjoyed receiving updates, no action is required on your part.  If you would like to opt out – ‘unsubscribe’ below – you’ll no longer receive blog updates.

Thank you for your time and good company…

Gretchen Cornwall






4 comments on “Your Data Protected

  1. I would like to continue receiving notifications! And I keep seeing this EU protection law and don’t know if I am supposed to make some notices myself on my blog. website, etc….do I need to?

    • The website on this new law, has crashed today. For folks such as yourself, AnnMarie, my understanding is that we must give the option. In future we are supposed to make certain that any names or email addresses are not sold or given to other parties. Any hard copies of info must be kept in a locked safe, apparently. As I am strictly online, this won’t affect me. But if you have hard copies of info, one needs to keep them in a secure location. The EU has termed individual data as the ‘Oil’ of our age. Keeping individuals private details safe is now everyone’s priority as it should be… I’m not an expert, but it’s important to give followers the option, legally. Here is the UK site on Data Protection:

      • I don’t keep hard data on my followers at all and my contacts are used for work purposes but when my website is updated (hopefully soon), I will put a disclaimer on it as well as my blog. Thank you Gretchen!

  2. Take care AnnMarie and good luck on your new website. Your photography work is beautiful and haunting….

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